Launch Industries is a micro-enterprise based in Seattle, Washington. Our core team is small but mighty. We have five full-time employees (including our Founder/CEO Monica Colgan), plus multiple sub-contracted service teams of subject-matter experts that support short-term projects. Our family of professionals collectively provides thousands of hours of 1:1 personalized service each year to a broad range of businesses and organizations — from the smallest of startups to various social enterprise businesses and nonprofits, and (increasingly) government institutions.

We work with companies on no-term, limited-term, and long-term engagements. The longer we collaborate with an organization, the more likely our work crosses every department. Launch team members are trained in over 150 business processes; we engage each other in daily, ongoing process improvement for ultimate A-to-Z mastery. We are constantly tracking and trying new technologies to “keep up” with the rapidly changing software landscape.

As a result of these ongoing practices, we are proud of having not just breadth, but depth of experience in all areas of small business — from human resources to payroll, from benefits to bookkeeping, from marketing to point-of-sale, operations and more! That’s why Launch clients consider us their “go-to-team” and why word-of-mouth referrals drive our success.


Monica Colgan


Owner + Principal Consultant

HR & Organization Development




Stacia Weller Clarke

Senior Project Manager + Consultant


Melina Zamalloa

Project Manager + Consultant

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Lorena Ramos

Administrative Assistant

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Walt Brown

Business Development

Motley Brown Consulting

Autumn Lovewell

Media Design & Social Media

West Daisy Design

Dawnnitta Smith

Event Design & Promotion

It Happinz Productions

Connie Saffold


Emerald City Accounting

Shane Lukas

Marketing & Communications

A Great Idea!

Penny Laine

Graphics + Brand Design

Studio Penny Laine

Kristina Katayama

Equity Consultant

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Be Possible

Jason Smith

HR Consultant

Game Set Match Consulting

lauren Burgon

Small Business Attorney

Law Offices of Lauren Burgon

Omar Zidan

Data Analysis & Spreadsheet Boss

Independent Contractor

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Whitney Moore

Marketing Strategy & Events

Electric Butter Marketing


CPA / Accountant

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Seattle, WA 98116

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