There are two core aspects to our offerings:

  • identification, systematization, and adoption of effective business processes within work groups
  • the implementation of tools that enhance collaboration, foster communication, and make people’s jobs more enjoyable.

Launch meets clients “where they are” and provides them with high-touch, 1:1 experiences. This approach cultivates the growth of knowledge, skills, and capabilities that take clients beyond their current state. Our goal is to support increased capacity and effectiveness for business owners, workers, and stakeholders, which ultimately increases their chances of long-term success.



Business Development

Process Design

Digital Infrastructure

Need help forming your business and setting it up from scratch? Launch can help. We can walk you through filing your business license, forming an entity with the Secretary of State, obtaining your federal EIN, and filing with any other state or county agencies as applicable. We do this for various ownership models and alternative ownership enterprises. Launch also helps you establish simple, highly effective systems and processes for the administration of your business. Often we recommend (and help implement) technology tools to support your operation. Software and apps for bookkeeping, scheduling, payroll, email, website, password management, and more make you more effective, agile, efficient, and profitable.



Payroll & Benefits

Exit Interviews

HR Audit

Launch works at every stage of the employee life cycle, and we help you effectively execute your recruiting processes, design operative employee onboarding procedures, craft training plans, enhance your performance management system, and be strategic about succession planning and the employee exit process. As people are an entity’s biggest resource, Launch ensures your company maximizes this important asset.


Process Improvement

Operations Management

Operations Audit

Launch helps companies establish Standard Operating Procedures, design new processes, strengthen and streamline the technology that supports your business model, and create documentation. We help you eliminate struggle, reduce waste (by teaching you to SEE waste), and enable your team to deliver the value-added work provided by your company or organization.

Project Implementation

Contracted Services

Contract with Launch to provide project management support for projects big and small, We support the training of team members on effective project management strategies to ensure your projects get delivered on time with coordination, collaboration, and ease.




Brand Development

Social Media Management


Launch works collaboratively to develop and bring branding online (or update your image to current and potential audiences). Marketing and branding expertise includes logo design, social media setup, web design, creation of a brand kit, and marketing collateral development (including graphics for socials, web banners, ads, and print material). We set you up with a demonstrated system for ongoing marketing needs. With a branded look well-defined and marketing collateral pieces professionally designed, Launch assists in developing your marketing plan and calendar, including the integration of social media and time-saving marketing technologies.

We’re “Mostly” Virtual

The Launch team is optimized when we do shorter virtual meetings and use collaborative, cloud-based tools for business operations (keeping overhead costs low and prices affordable for our clients). Virtual aside, we are REAL people, happy to meet in-person on an as-needed basis. We tend to lean into in-person work when contracted for HR work, when working with a brand-new team that prefers initial engagement be in person, when doing projects that are a half-day or longer (Hello, Zoom fatigue!), or when helping folks who struggle with technology such that an in-person meeting would be most effective.

For contracted-service clients, we generally meet with owners and/or project team members weekly, while conducting independent work on tasks and projects in between those weekly meetings. One-off meetings – with one-time or occasional clients – are generally scheduled online using Launch’s “Book A Call” calendar tool.


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