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Building Businesses that

Work for Everyone


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About Launch

Our Vision

Launch Industries LLC (“Launch”) is a Seattle-based (DBE-certified, WBE-certified, and micro-certified) social enterprise that provides direct consulting, technical assistance, and contract business services to small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and membership-based organizations.

We envision a world where workplaces work for everyone, workplaces where people love what they do and have the opportunity to do what they love.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate joy, ease, and connectedness within organizations. We fulfill our mission by supporting leaders - who center purpose, workers, the planet, and other stakeholders - in creating sustainable, diverse, equitable, inclusive, and tech-enabled learning organizations.

At the Core of our Offerings

At the core of our offerings is the identification, systematization, and adoption of effective business processes within work groups and the implementation of tools that enhance collaboration, foster communication, and make people’s jobs more enjoyable.

We do this by meeting clients “where they are” and providing them with high-touch, 1:1 experiences that cultivate the growth of knowledge, skills, and capabilities that take them beyond their current state. Our goal in doing so is to support increased capacity and effectiveness for business owners, workers, and stakeholders which ultimately increases their chances of long-term success.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

Launch is an anti-racist and organization that prioritizes the needs of those who have been historically marginalized or oppressed. We work with clients who, too, authentically want to do the work of creating positive, lasting social change, who actively take action against the ways in which our “standard American culture” unconsciously practices white, middle-class supremacy in everyday business. We are building a workforce that reflects the diversity that we want to see in the world. We are building a workforce where black and brown and LGTBTQ+ and other marginalized groups have power and authority. We are building workplaces where our humanness matters.

Our Focus in 2024

In 2024, Launch aims to expand its reach by shifting our focus from single-business engagements to providing services procured by government and membership-based organizations (i.e. chambers of commerce, associations, etc.).

In collaboration with these organizations, we provide sponsored-technical assistance and consulting to small-to-medium size businesses and nonprofits, with emphasis on BIPOC/SEDI/WMBE companies. We thrive on this–providing the highest impact to businesses most in need!

Government agencies and organizations need contracted technical assistance services to benefit their citizens, stakeholders, and members; Launch’s business systems are tailored and optimized to provide such services.

Our Capabilities

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Business Startup & Administration

Need help forming your business and setting it up from scratch? Launch can help. We can walk you through filing your business license, forming an entity through the Secretary of State, obtaining your federal EIN, and filing with any other state or county agencies as applicable - and considering various ownership models and alternative ownership enterprises. Launch can also help you establish simple, highly effective systems and processes for the administration of your business. Often we recommend (and help implement) technology tools to support your operation. Software and apps for bookkeeping, scheduling, payroll, email, website, password management, and more make you more effective, efficient, and profitable.

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Human Resources : People Operations

Launch works at every stage of the employee life cycle, and we help you strategize, effectively execute your recruiting processes, design operative employee onboarding procedures, craft training plans, enhance your performance management system, and be thoughtful about the exit process. People are an entity’s biggest resource, and Launch ensures your company is maximizing this important asset.

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Operational Excellence & Organization Development

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Launch helps companies establish Standard Operating Procedures, design new processes, strengthen and streamline the technology that supports your business model, and create documentation. We help you eliminate struggle, reduce waste by teaching you to SEE waste, and enable your team to focus on the value-added work that your company or organization does.

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Marketing, Branding, & Web

Launch works collaboratively to develop and bring your brand online (or update your image to your current and potential audiences). Marketing and branding expertise includes logo design, social media setup, web design, creation of a brand kit, and marketing materials (including graphics for socials, web banners, ads, and print material). We can also help you get setup with a great system for your ongoing marketing needs. With a branded look well-defined and marketing collateral pieces designed, Launch assists in developing your marketing plan and calendar, including the integration of your social media and implementation of time-saving marketing technologies.

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Finance, Bookkeeping, Payroll, & Benefits

Launch mentors you as you navigate finance, cash flow, bookkeeping, P&Ls, and balance sheets. We streamline your payroll procedures and payroll systems, saving headaches and hassles. We can consult on the establishment of a benefits program or take a look at your existing compensation plan, conduct employee benefits surveys, and so much more in the world of finance, bookkeeping, and payroll. Want to wash your hands of 95% of payroll management? Launch offers contracted payroll management services powered by Gusto, the #1 small business payroll platform in the world.

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"Better Together.” This phrase comes up often, and with intention, among the Launch team. At Launch, we work closely and collaboratively, with one another and with our clients.

Launch Business’ “Better Together” consultants make recommendations for organization optimization - improvements that increase employee engagement, maximize learning potential, nurture a collaborative work environment, and grow profitability. We’re high touch, hands on, and here – for you, your team, your company.

“High touch.” This phrase also is regularly part of Launch dialogue and day-to-day dealings. “High touch” means that we pick up and look under every rock every stone on a client’s project, examining the issue, process, system, or challenge from all angles. Launch looks holistically at a company’s workflow in each functional area of business. HR, finance, marketing, operations, technology – it’s high-touch technical assistance for your business.

Better together. High touch. It’s what makes Launch Industries Seattle's #1 small business consulting group.

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Online meeting


The Launch team uses collaborative, cloud-based tools for most business operations, This helps keep overhead costs low for us and prices affordable for our clients.

We conduct most meetings on Zoom for its efficiency and time savings, yet we LOVE seeing our clients face-to-face - so making site visits whenever possible is one of our priorities.

For ongoing clients, we generally meet with owners and/or project team members weekly, while conducting independent work on projects in between those weekly meetings. One-off meetings – with one-time or occasional clients – are scheduled online using Launch’s friendly “Book A Call” calendar tool.

Book a call right here.

You’re busy, with A LOT on your plate. That’s why Launch aims for realistic project deadlines and ongoing technical assistance, managing workflow, managing time, and managing expectations.

The Launch “Better Together” team is fun and friendly, and we look forward to really getting to know you!

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Happy Clients & Feedback

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"Monica was our first [hire], and she went on to help us build a completely new business in a completely new – and highly regulated – industry. This included everything from developing store operating procedures and protocols, to selecting systems and applications to support our business. Most if not all of what she developed over the years remains in effect today, and enabled us to grow from one store to four, and from ten employees to 100."

Bev Kelleher

Co-Owner, Higher Leaf

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"Monica is an organizational powerhouse. She is extremely thorough and detail-oriented in everything she does. Working with her has elevated and changed our business on every level, streamlining processes and systems in a way that we didn't know was possible."

Anna Ferrario

Administrative Controller, Windmill Gardens & Riverside Farm

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"I could not have started my business without the consulting support of Monica Colgan and her team at Launch Industries, LLC. Monica and her team provided expert consulting advice on the features and services required for a business such as this, and then ultimately helped me identify an excellent facility."

Darrin Clark


Artisan Community Kitchen


We Offer Several Pricing Options Tailored

to Your Unique Individual Business Needs






plus a $120 per year annual fee

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Quality, focused time with a business specialist

Weekly, scheduled consulting meetings available

Evaluation of your business process

Design/re-design of your business systems

Brainstorming, suggestions, options, recommendations

Actionable solutions and measurable outcomes

Immediate “To Do” fixes for quick results


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Flexible use of hours for consulting, project management, and technical assistance

Priority support

Dedicated project manager, project coordinators, and subject matter experts

We can tailor a plan to your needs in any of our four main service areas: Human Resources, Operations Management, Technical Support & Training, and Financial Administration. We also offer a Cross-Functional Continuous Improvement Plan for companies who need some help in each of these areas.

Total Allotted

Contracted Hours

In-Plan Hourly Rate

Total Monthly

























*In-Plan Overage &

Non-Contracted Capability Rates






All Plans Subject to our Master Services Agreement



Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

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If you are a decision-maker regarding funding for programs that assist groups of small business owners, nonprofits, and other entrepreneurs, and would like to explore contracted services to assist those business groups, such as providing technical assistance or small business consulting to numerous companies, please book a call to discuss! We love contract work like this and have dynamic systems in place for supporting businesses in this fashion.


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For membership-based organizations and associations that want to offer a 1:1

Consultant Access Program to provide business consulting and Technical Assistance to small businesses in your network

Great for contracts involving supporting multiple businesses

25-hour minimum

Best for organizations looking to support groups of businesses or organizations with technical assistance and advice

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  • Under a contract with the City of Seattle, Launch Industries has contracted with 80 small businesses in Seattle to provide free technical assistance and consulting.

  • Artisan Community Kitchen is a commercial commissary kitchen business that has 65 business members. They contract with us to provide licensing support, start-up business support, and help their existing member businesses build capacity and improve in the areas of operations, marketing, administration, and technical support.

  • Cascadia Produce received technical assistance funding through WSDA's WeFeedWA program and contracted with Launch Industries to provide free consulting to small farms and non-profit hunger relief organizations to improve their business systems.

  • Seattle Good Business, a nonprofit with a service that provides internship job placement services under their Green Jobs Program contracted with Launch Industries to individually support a group of 20 micro-businesses with building their internal human resource capabilities and ability to hire.

  • Launch was a subcontractor for a prime serving King County Public Health to provide business consulting to "at risk" business owners to help them stabilize.

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New Client Setup & Onboarding Process

Say Hi with a Free Consultation


We are happy to provide a free mini-consultation to see if our services are a good fit. Schedule the call here. One of our consultants or project managers will attend the call to conduct an assessment and find out about your specific project needs. We'll follow up the call with a few helpful resources and next steps.



By this time you should have a good understanding if you'd like to work with us or if you just need a little advice on a one-time call. If you want to move forward with either our flexible hourly pricing or a recurring monthly subscription service, we will send you a Services Agreement for your review and signature.


New Client Info Form

Once signed, the next step is to fill out our new client info form.



We will schedule a 2-hour kickoff session with you and any other team members who will be on your project. We look forward to getting started on your projects.

About the Team

Launch Industries is a micro-enterprise based in Seattle, Washington. Our team is small but mighty. We have three full-time consultants (including our Founder/CEO Monica Colgan) and several additional subject-matter sub-consultant experts on our team. Collectively, these professionals provide thousands of hours of 1:1 personalized service each year to a broad range of businesses and organizations.

Throughout this process, it is common that we will touch every department in a company or organization. Accordingly, we spend considerable time on continuous improvement - our own A-to-Z mastery. Launch’s exposure to the full spectrum of activities a typical “25-hat-wearing-CEO” embraces to run and grow their company successfully means “we get it.”

As a result, we are proud of having not just breadth, but depth of experience in all areas of small business - from human resources to payroll, from benefits to bookkeeping, from marketing to point-of-sale, operations and more! That’s why our clients see us as their go-to-team; their word-of-mouth referrals drive our success.

Even without the extensive experience of subcontractors with whom we regularly collaborate, our in-house team has:

  • Over 20 years of experience in organization development,
  • 10 years of HR/people advisory experience
  • 15 years of payroll experience
  • 20 years of information technology experience,
  • 15 years of business planning experience, and
  • 15 years of experience with process improvement and systems development.

Monica Colgan, MSOD, MA, SHRM-SCP

Owner & Principal Consultant

Launch Industries


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