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Launch Industries is a Washington State ​social enterprise providing direct consulting, ​technical assistance, and contract business ​services to small and medium-sized ​businesses, government agencies, non-​profits, and membership-based ​organizations. We are DBE-certified, WBE-​certified, and micro-certified, and we love ​working with companies like us!

Our mission is to cultivate connection, ease, and joy within organizations. We fulfill this mission by supporting leaders who center purpose, workers, the planet, and other stakeholders in creating sustainable, diverse, equitable, inclusive, and tech-enabled learning organizations.

We envision a world with workplaces that work for everyone, workplaces where people love what they do and have the opportunity to do what they love.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

At Launch Industries, we believe that we are better together. This principle drives our ​commitment to working with historically oppressed groups and unites us in building a ​diverse workforce that empowers black, brown, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized ​communities. We aim to create positive, lasting change and challenge the unconscious ​practices of white supremacy that exist in everyday business. At Launch, everyone’s ​humanity is valued, everyone is cared for, and all identities are safe.

Giving Back!

At Launch, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community by working in ​solidarity with and supporting organizations that are actively working towards advancing ​social and economic justice for marginalized groups, as well as animals and the ​environment. The organizations we support encompass a wide range of causes, including ​Black and trans-justice, reparations for Indigenous communities, healthcare services for ​individuals with chronic illnesses, advocacy for LGBTQ youth, disability justice work for ​BIPOC individuals, immigrant rights, environmental protection, animal welfare, and ​support-local campaigns.

At Launch, we have a practice of giving away 10% of our profits to these organizations ​(giving 1/10th is inspired by the concept of “tithing”), along with other initiatives. Join us in ​building a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world for all.

Click here to learn more about the amazing organizations in our ​community that we are supporting in 2024.




Owning a small business. The product, the marketing, the staff, the inventory, the deadlines, the customers, the payroll, the cash flow. It’s ALL hard work. It’s often lonely and, yes, exhausting and overwhelming. When you’re not sure what to do next or even where to start — or if you just want to talk to someone both neutral and experienced, Launch is here for you.

Launch partners with you, helping determine what you do best, getting you zeroed in on what you should be doing, supporting you in challenging areas, keeping the exhaustion and overwhelm at bay, and, most importantly, empowering your future.




Staying relevant to your members in times of exponential change is critical to every member-based organization’s ability to grow and sustain itself. From chambers of commerce to business associations, from co-working spaces to community kitchens and more, Launch takes business-member support to a whole new level. We help your members navigate the daily challenges of owning a business, providing them a better understanding of their finances, marketing strategies, HR and payroll, business registrations, and more.

Launch’s member-focused, technical-assistance programs deliver immediate, tangible value to members. These programs may be part of the regular member benefits package or an add-on member amenity. Connect with us today, and together we’ll start empowering your members tomorrow!




For those individuals working in public service, first, thank you. It’s often a thankless job, yet you’re driven to support and stand by your community and its citizens. Know this: You don’t have to do it alone — even though it sometimes feels that way.

Launch is the prime contractor for multiple technical assistance, marketing, grant management, mentoring, and online learning contracts. We can help businesses with navigating the myriad of government regulations while simultaneously helping them put structures in place to get set for success. From software tools and training to practical help with activities such as hiring the first employee, we are here for it. As citizens ourselves, we eagerly engage in opportunities to make our wonderfully diverse communities healthier, wealthier, and, well, just better all around. Let’s talk about your agency needs and how you can get help—empowering your citizens.




Not for profit? Not for the faint of heart! Nonprofit leaders are woven out of strong, tightly knit fabric. Yet, often these same leaders feel isolated—reporting up to their board of directors, managing their own staff, serving their in-need community. But who is taking care of and serving them?

At Launch, we have a special place in our heart for nonprofit organizations and leaders. If you’re in need of a safe space to speak freely and to share openly, Launch’s door, ears, and heart are open to you. Connect with us and share your value, your gaps, your goals. We’ll work with you to streamline operations, manage board reporting, tackle HR headaches, research and apply for grants, and more. While you’re busy empowering your community, Launch will be empowering you.




Some people are born great managers. Others need some guidance in finding their ​managerial footing. Setting up systems, processes, and procedures. Figuring out an ​effective employee-onboarding process. Ensuring performance reviews are ​happening. Streamlining operations. Navigating payroll, employment law, and benefits ​administration. Listening to employee concerns. When staff understands what and ​how to do things, you have managed them to become empowered employees.

Getting you to the point where HR, recruiting, onboarding, payroll, benefits ​administration, training, performance management, paperwork, government ​compliance... all those countless details... are a well-oiled machine? That’s what ​Launch does, with you and for you. Together, we organize and systemize your situation. ​This becomes empowering to your employees, enabling them to confidently do their ​jobs, so you can do your job.


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